Corkcicle Invisiball


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Bring elegance, class and sophistication to your bar. The finest bars in the world carve their ice from 50-plus-pound clear ice blocks. With Corkcicle’s Invisiball, you can achieve the same result at home using tap water from your sink. Add fruit, flowers or herbs for a dramatic and artistic flare. The ice balls melt very slowly so they won’t dilute your drink. Cheers!


  • Includes invisiball ice form & 24 oz. Tumbler - when not using it to make clear ice balls, the triple insulated tumbler keeps drinks cool for 9+ hours or hot for 3
  • Keep your cool, now or later - freeze and store ice balls in an airtight freezer bag
  • Taste your drink, not the ice - no air bubbles or impurities
  • included Tumbler is Gloss White

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