Cork Tree Designs Om 10mm Flat Brown Cork Bracelet 7"

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Build a look with the Om 10mm Flat Brown Cork Bracelet from Cork Tree Designs. Relax and find your inner peace with brown cork complimented by a Buddha focal piece.

Handcrafted in Florida, Cork Tree Designs is one of the first companies to offer cork fashion accessories in the US. Harvested from the Western Mediterranean and the Iberian Peninsula, the Cork used in these unique jewelry creations are from a natural and renewable resource from the bark of the cork tree. Bark of the tree is carefully peeled away and regenerates in a 9 year cycle – leaving the tree alive and well. Lightweight, water-resistant and stain-resistant, cork is just as durable as leather and boasts a silky-soft and supple finish.


  • 10mm Flat Brown Cork
  • Buddha Focal Bead
  • Uses water-resistant, stain-resistant and lightweight cork
  • Magnetic Clasp
  • 7"(size)

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